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Rat Trap vs. Mouse Trap

As all, we know rats and mice love to live with humans, especially in those places where they can find food easily. While eating the food, they can transfer various diseases, and humans can get an infection from them. We will help you to make a rat trap to get rid of them. 

How to make a homemade rat trap?
Usually, people do not believe in the house made rat trap because they feel they cannot work efficiently to trap the rat, but in my view, if you make them correctly by the use of accurate material, then they can help you in a better way.

How to catch a rat by a sticky trap?
This is one of the best and easy ways to trap a rat. For this trap, you need a board or plastic tray on which you can applyspecial glue for the trap.  So take a board and apply the glue in the center it is better to keep the glue inside the board and do not keep them at the place when they can get wet due to humidity etc.  If you want to make the trap quicker than add some peanut around the glue in the form of a circle, when the rat will enter in the circle, they will automatically be trapped within the sticky glue.  Sticky traps can be tough for rats as they get trap they will not die on the spot, they will try to get out from the circle and may shout for help. Before making the second trap, makes sure the first trap is removed successfully, and you have removed the first rat from the board. 

Mouse trap
Unlike the rat trap, you can also make the mouse trap at home. Take a bottle of milk and apply oil in good quantity to make the bottle slippery. Add bait inside the bottle. Do not forget to attach the rail so the mouse can climb up the bottle easily. Leave this trap for overnight.  When the mouse sees the food, he will automatically get attracted to the bottle; when he is going to climb the bottle, due to oil, he is going to slip inside the bottle. There is no way to get out of the bottle because of the slippery walls.  This way of trap is easy, but the mouse will not die instantly; they will try to survive. So if you want, you can get them out and add them into a plastic bag and throw them away from your house.  Otherwise, leave them in the bottle until they did not die.

Electronic rat trap
If you are too much irritated due to rats or mice and want to get rid in a very short time, then it is better to use an electric rat trap that will help you to trap them in no time. 

These were some of the quick and easy homemade traps. By making them, you can easily get rid of mouse and rat. 

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