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Rat Predators

Rat loves to live with humans, where they can get a variety of food. They can become the cause of many infectious diseases by touching and biting the food.  Once they get into your house, they produce very rapidly, and you can get in trouble to get rid of them.  Like others, the rat also has predators that are given below: 

There is no doubt cat is considered one of the top enemies of the rat. They love to hunt rats. If a rat enters into a house and they have a cat in it, they are for sure going to prey on a rat.  In the open areas, there are wild cats like bobcat; they can prey on rats whenever they got the chance. People who are living in urban areas and facing rat issue they prefer to use cat to hunt them. 

There are also birds than can prey on rats like owl; eagle, hawks, and falcons are considered as the common predators of the rat. These birds can prey on the rat in the day time while the owl likes to prey on them at night time. 

Another rat predators are a snake that's basic food includes rodents, rats, egg, birds, and other animals if they got the chance to prey on them. Most of the snake species prefer to prey on small animals like mice, rats, and squirrels.  Rat snakes are common in the united state, and they are famous to prey on rats as per mention in their name. Snakes are also found to be in urban areas where they like to live in the barren places or garbage and prey on rat when they came in r of food. 

Although all the dogs do not like to prey on rats, a breed dog can help you in catching a rat as they are famous to prey on rodents. They are experts in digging so they can break the house of rats if they have made a specific hole in the garbage and will prey on them.  Wild dogs or the dog lives in the open habitat; they can also prey on rats. 

They are taken as natural predators of rats. They have long-tailed and mostly found in North America, but new has been extending to Canada or North America too. They have a special power to hunt their target through their voice and scent. So when they feel the presence of rats within the area, they can prey on them very easily.  Most of the farmer takes help from weasels to get rid of rats in the field. 

Another natural predator of the rat is humans. They kill them to get rid of them and the diseases too that are linked with the rats. While living within the house, they can bite food, while getting in contact with them can cause many serious diseases like tic fever.  Some people use rat trap others use dogs or poison to kill them. 

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